Why do I need to do a Biennial Update?
The FMCSA asks all carriers that have a DOT number to submit a biennial update every 2 years (CFR part 49 article 390) This is done by filing a MCS-150 form with the FMCSA. You are asked to submit an updated MCS-150 form even if your company has not changed its information, has stopped interstate operations since the last update, or is no longer in business and did not notify the FMCSA.

What is the Deadline to Update?
Filing schedule: Each motor carrier must file the appropriate form at the following times:

  • Before it begins operations; and
  • Every 24 months according to the following schedule:
USDOT number ending in:Must file by last day of:

If the next-to-last digit of its USDOT Number is odd, the motor carrier will file its update in every odd-numbered calendar year. If the next-to-last digit of the USDOT Number is even, the motor carrier shall file its update in every even-numbered calendar year.

Filing your Biennial update doesn’t have to be difficult. Over the last year we’ve helped over 3000 customers with their biennial updates. We pride ourselves on being accurate and doing it right the first time. We have a BBB (Better Business Bureau) ‘A’ rating and we follow all the regulations set out by the Attorney General of Idaho.